AC Disaster Consulting is dedicated to helping others and giving back to the communities that we serve. “Cancer Sucks” is our philanthropic division of our company that donates a percentage of profits to cancer research and rehabilitation services.

Great photo of Scott Schoenthal loving life.

AC Disaster Consulting launched “Cancer Sucks” in memory of Ms. Carrier’s dear friend Scott Schoenthal who passed away from cancer in 2017.

Scott’s Story

Born in Texas but raised in Tennessee after the age of 10, Scott Schoenthal could not have known what his life would hold or mean to others. Scott was first diagnosed with cancer when he was only 18 years old. Hodgkins Lymphoma. He relied on his parents, siblings, and close friends. His Circle of Love. He fought through his treatments and moved forward with his life… And moved back to Texas at 21 to start fresh.

At 24, he was told lightning struck again – this time it was testicular cancer. He had to rely on different family and friends this time, and his Circle grew.

Immediately after his treatment was complete, he met the woman who would be his wife and mother of his children – children he thought he might never have. A son and daughter who completed the life he hoped for.

Until he was 33, and the testicular cancer was back with a vengeance. The cancer severely underestimated Scott. What was a death sentence from the first report, proved to challenge Scott into becoming a brave and inspiring man. No one watching his story in that 3 1/2 years could have guessed he would not live to be an old man.

He experienced more treatments in that 3 1/2 years than many could bear in a lifetime. He fought daily, if not hourly, to add more days for his wife and children. He did amazing and shocking things along the way, too. Loved soccer and played again after he recovered. Ran a 5k during a time he wasn’t feeling well. Climbed Stone Mountain. Received treatments on his lunch hour while working full time. Went hang gliding. Tattooed his meaningful inspirations on his body. Woke up most mornings to make breakfast for his children. Trimmed bushes hours after getting radiation. Went camping and skied on the lake. The list goes on. He was fearless, except when it came to the idea of leaving his family.

On May 18th, 2017 – we lost him. We lost the man who adored us and his life. Life was better with Scott in it. He really made you better before you could even do anything to fight against it. Scott’s Circle of Love charitable organization was founded in his honor.


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